Be the Contagion

Hello Sisters and Brothers,

We continue the journey that is the Easter season. This week during worship we will read from one of the Christian Epistles, 1 Peter. 

First Peter was written about 90 CE and was sent to encourage churches in five provinces of Asia Minor who are facing a hostile social situation. It is first and foremost a message to offer words of hope. The epistle encouraging readers to understand that by their profession of Jesus as the Christ they are called to follow the Christ’s example as they deal with living in a hostile world. It was intended to be read in the worship services to the congregations, not for private study.

We also touch on the challenge put forth by Pope Francis during his Easter homily to offer the world “the contagion of hope;” the hope made known through God’s act of salvation brought about by Christ’s resurrection from the dead.


Easter is not a day.

Easter is a way of life!